Mission Statement


As Rotaractors, we strongly believe in the importance of service above self. We recognize and appreciate the furtunate circumstances of our daily lives and therefore strive to help and support those who are disadvantaged and in need. Thinking globally while acting locally, we focus on hands-on work to engage in projects around us – convinced that if each one of us invests just a portion of their time and effort, together we can make a huge difference.


As students and young professionals, we are always eager to broaden our horizon and get a better understanding of the world we live in. Thus, we greatly appreaciate the time and effort of all the speakers that visit our club to deliver talks on a wide variety of topics. Most of all, we are deeply thankul for the advice and guidance provided to us by our Rotary mentors – not only do they share their professional knowledge with us, but act also as inspiring personal role models.


As the up-and-coming generation, we love expierencing the unique and vibrant city of Hong Kong. We believe in creating and fostering sincere and long lasting friendships within and beyond our club. After working and studying hard, we make sure to celebrate and enjoy Hong Kong together.