Macao Trip

In February we had the amazing opportunity to visit our friends from the Rotaract Club of Macau.
We all met up at the Macao Ferry terminal on Saturday morning and two of the girls from Rotaract Macao collected us by car since we were only a small group of 6 people.

To start off the day we went to a really nice café to enjoy some snacks and to get to know each other. After some relaxed conversation they were really nice to show us around the old city center.
We felt very lucky to get the chance to experience Macau and to get shown around by real locals who were able to show us many different faces of the city within only one afternoon.It was so interesting to see how different Macao is from Hong Kong, and we were impressed by the Ruins of St. Paul, the Fortress, the St. Dominic’s Church and many more places.

We found out that Macao is not only very famous for its Casinos, but also because of its amazing egg tarts!
After a half an hour drive along the coast we got to a much more remote and traditional part of the city where there was a small egg tart shop, known to be the best. And my, they were!

After this small egg tart break we went for a nice little walk through the back streets of the village whilst the sun went down. It was really nice to walk though the mobile casino streets and we kept thinking that we were in Lisboa since everything was so much alike… except for the traditional Chinese things that we recognized every now and then.
All in all it’s fair to say that we were astonished by this interesting cultural mix.

Then we went to have some Thai dinner in a nice and private room, at a restaurant close by. During dinner the Rotaract Club of Macau presented themselves and also some of their past projects. Which was very interesting and inspiring for us, and we even thought about working on a project together in the future.
The food was delicious and the conversation was exhilarating.

With our sightseeing thirst still not satisfied, our new friends were so friendly to show us around the Casinos afterwards. Afterwards, we concluded this wonderful day in a fantastic bar in Galaxy.
And the nightlife of the city was outrageous too… as some of us might remember…

It was really great to have had the opportunity to meet and make friends with the Rotaract Club of Macau.
We would like to take the opportunity to thank them again for making our trip so successful, inspiring and unique. We are hoping and looking forward to work on projects together in the future and foster the friendship that we were able to build so quickly.

Thanks to Caroline for writing the great article!